Post and Rail

Post and Rail fencing has 3 main variations comprising of cleft, half-round and square cut. 

Cleft Fenicng: During the manufacturing process the rail retains a face with bark initially intact and this helps to add to this systems rustic appeal. It offers a versatile solution as there is an option to swap the cleft posts with softwood or oak posts, depending on available budget & preference. When the fence is erected the rail can be slotted into a morticed hole within the post, which gives even greater strength to the fence system.

Square cut post and rail: rails are sawn along their length creating a rectangular rail. This system is normally cheaper than Cleft and has a cleaner appearance preferred by some. When the fence is erected the rails are normally nailed to intermediate posts, which are set at 1.8M centres. This is combined with a staggering of the rails joints, to ensure that the fences' weight is distributed evenly.

Half Round Post and Rail : Very similar to the square cut above except that the rails are half round and the posts are either round or half round. Round posts are used when erecting the fence mechanically and also give more strength. Either peeled and treated (which fluctuate in girth from end to end) or machine rounded (uniform in section) can be used according to taste and budget. Overall this type of system offers a very attractive fence at a modest budget.

All type of fences can be adopted to your specific needs, including number of rails, the inclusion of mesh and matching  with exisiting fencing. 

All posts can be concreted in giving added strength and durability to last years. 


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