Hedge Cutting Services

We undertake both local authority, farm and local residential Hedge Cutting.

As well as having to keep roadside hedges trimmed, you can retain (or gain) a lot of ground by keeping your internal hedges in good condition.

It’s much easier to regularly trim hedges than to let them get out of control and then have to spend more money on heavy duty saw-cutting to sort out the problem.
In addition to cutting your hedges, we can clear-up any debris as well, either chipping it and returning it to the base of the hedge (or anywhere else you need) or disposing of it ourselves.

Hedge cutting benefits-

  • Improves the visual appearance of the hedge
  • Thickens the hedge that is left, stock proofing the boundaries
  • Keeps the hedge row under control
  • Gives easier access along roads for machinery and road users
  • Increases the amount of land you can use in the field 

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