Chain harrowing, or scarifying, is an excellent way to promote new grass growth for the spring and summer months. This process allows air to circulate into the soil’s surface thereby creating the aerobic conditions required to produce nitrates, which are the form of nitrogen most easily taken up by plants.

When applying fertilisers, we tend to apply the nutrients on the ground first and then harrow. By doing so, we can make the visit to your property as cost effective as possible.

Harrowing has the following benefits-

  • HarrowingRevitalizing pasture removing dead grass and moss to improve new growth
  • Aerating the sward and encouraging the grass to spread and establish
  • Spreading of horse manure avoids the growth of lush grass in dung patches and returns nutrients more evenly to the soil
  • Leveling hoof imprints
  • Repair poaching in gateways, along fence lines and in feeding areas which can be both unattractive and potentially dangerous

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