A weed control programme is vital for productive, healthy grass. A properly managed, well maintained grassland makes life very hard for weeds - they find it hard to establish themselves - but some weeds will always find a way in and a few, such as buttercup and ragwort, are poisonous.

Spraying and weed management by MW Agri is a highly effective part of that weed control programme, using modern pesticides which are very safe - safe to use, safe for your animals and safe for the environment.
Whatever your weed problem, dock, nettle, thistle, buttercup, ragwort, dandelion, woundwort, plantain, we have the solution.

Why Use MW Agri For Weed Spraying/Control

  • We are fully qualified licensed sprayers
  • Any size acreage covered
  • We use specialised weed spray
  • Spraying provides long term reduction of weeds
  • We use modern, well maintained machinery meaning we apply the right amount of herbicide accurately to the right places.

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