Equestrian Groundworks and Yards

Stable Bases

MW Equestrian provide a professional, personal and efficient service producing hard wearing and long lasting bases which are fit for purpose.

Whilst the aesthetic appearance of your completed stable yard or complex is of paramount importance so must be the strength and durability of what's underneath.

Once on site we will excavate the area and reduce the ground level which allows us to insert the correct volume of hardcore. This is a major part of the project and stabilises the entire build. Any surplus soils we remove can be used for landscaping.

We will overlay the area with a damp proof membrane and then pour on a concrete base. The concrete will be reinforced with steel mesh. Great care is taken here when mixing the concrete; it is essential in creating the correct strength and consistency as horse urine can damage the surface. When laying the concrete the correct falls will be created for effective run off.

Stability and control for your horse is most important. Internal floors will be of a smooth, float finish, the benefits of which are easy to clean stables and comfort for your horses. The outside finish to the stable yard will be a bull nose float finish which will aid stability and control, especially during the winter months in harsh, frozen conditions.

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