Equestrian Groundworks and Yards

Muck Clamps

Storing waste from your stables is an issue often overlooked. Muck clamps are a simple way of keeping that unsightly heap stored in a clean and tidy area.

MW Equestrian design and build muck clamps. We either construct with pre-stressed concrete panels with steel uprights or used railway sleepers installed in between RSJ beams.

We can either lay a flat concrete pad which is not bonded in any way and works by allowing rainwater and run-off to seep out from any side. Designed for manual filling the mini muck clamp is a neat and tidy way to retain muck. 

With new legislation, the capture and storage of effluent is becoming more stringent.  We can install a capture system that collects fluids from the clamp, minimizing the risk of nearby contamination.  A roof over the clamp can minimize the amount of rain entering the muck clamp. 

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