The construction of the Menage is broken down into the following stages:

Design - we work with you to design and position the menage to meet your criteria, requirements and budget. It includes marking out the proposed arena, discussing the types of fencing and surfaces using your ideas and thoughts and our expertise and experience to come together to create the perfect menage for the customer. We discussed accessibility for equipment and deliveries for site and precautions which we have to put in place to prevent inconveniencing the customer and wrecking exiting facilities i.e. roadways, fields.   

Excavation- marking out the arena, setting up the state of the art laser level technology  to get an exact level, removing the excess soil from the site, cutting and filling if necessary, constructing an outlet drain to either a ditch or soak-away    

Drainage- once the site is level after excavation, drains will be installed with precision making sure the flow of water across the whole entire surface flows towards the main drain outlet. We will then lay the first layer of membrane which stops the mud coming up through to the drains which if not done will cause a blockage and stop the stone integrating into the ground. Once laid, we then install the drainpipe. The drain pipe is supported by pee-shingle giving it protection and support.

Fencing- the fencing is constructed concreting every post to give a firm retaining wall for the kick board, using laser level to get accurate level for the fence for the whole way around the arena. 

Stone and membrane- a layer of stone is then spread across the arena acting as a huge drain as well as a firm base to lay the surface on. The final layer of membrane is laid above the stone stopping the stone coming up through the sand.

Top surface is then applied. We are an Independent company and do not supply a top surface thus allowing the customer to pick the supplier of the top surface. We are able to advise on our personal preferences and what we have worked with in the past. However the choice is down to the customer. 



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