There are various materials which can be used for the riding surface. Daily usage and maintenance must be considered to be critical factors to balance against price. A good surface should enable the user to carry out all equestrian disciplines in both the best and the worst weather.

The speed at which the water drains through the riding surface is paramount to its correct functioning. A surface should suit the needs of the user of the arena. The cost of the surface will also influence the final choice.
  • Silica Sand - provides a firm and free draining superb surface but will require watering
  • Silica Sand and rubber - a versatile all weather surface using 15-20mm rubber chippings laid over 200mm of compacted silica sand
  • Stabilising fibres - a blend of elastic fibres and pro grade sand to provide an almost turf like riding surface
  • Waxed - a surface created by mixing sand, fibre and rubber gelled together with wax providing a very high spec professional finish
  • Wood chip - a recycled material ideal as a budget surface 



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