Horse Finder

Finding the right horse can be quite a challenging, stressful, time consuming job, and after all of this you may still not find what you really wanted.  Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who is selling their horse, it can mean dashing around the country, only to find a horse which is not quite what you expected.

With many contacts in the UK and abroad we can help you find the horse that suits all of your requirements. We are able to find horses for all types of competition to suit all budgets.

If you feel when buying a horse that you would like an independent view on the possible purchase or you would like us to try the horse with you, we provide a service to support you by travelling with the client to watch the trial of the horse, casting an honest, fair and independent view of the horse. 

Once the right horse is found, we are always here to help by training and developing the new horse and rider partnership to help achieve the best results from your new partnership. 


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