Le Trec

M W Equestrian TrainingLe Trec is a growing sport which has developed from the skills required of horse and rider while out hacking. It is designed to test navigational competence, control of horse’s paces and ability to tackle a variety of obstacles. 
These skills are tested over three phases – orienteering on horseback, control of paces  and obstacle course .


What show jumping training can consist of: 

  • Orienteering training
  • flat work training
  • obstacle and jumping training (PTV)


Our PTV training can improve all obstacles including:

  • Low branches
  • Maypole 
  • The Gate
  • Bridge
  • Water Crossing
  • Log role
  • Brush
  • S-bend

Benefits of our training for the horse: 

  • improve the horses' technique over obstacles
  • improve horses' awareness to new obstacles
  • improve horses' flat work for control of paces 
  • improve horses' confidence 

M W Horse TrainingBenefits of our training for the rider:

  • improves rider's position over obstacles 
  • improves rider's confidence
  • improve knowledge of sport
  • help achieve clear goal setting 

Location of the training:

  • our excellent all weather riding surface or our purpose built grass ring including natural obstacles such as derby bank, ditches as well as our training and competition jumps and specialised le trec obstacles supplied by our sister company MW Equestrian  
  • we can travel to you using your facilities and transport our purpose built obstacles to the venue for the training session 
  • a hired venue can be arranged for the lesson to take place at and we can transport our purpose built obstacles to the venue for the training session 

Training sessions can be one to one, group,clinic or camps 

Regularity of training can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every day depending on your requirements 

Capabilities of the rider can be from beginners to the highest level of competition 

My clients include: BHS members, unaffiliated riders, riding clubs   



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